At least 82 girls are poisoned in two schools in northern Afghanistan

Almost a hundred people among them 82 girls, were poisoned last weekend in two schools in Afghanistan and transferred to the hospital, official sources reported to EFE on Monday, at a time when secondary and higher education for women is prohibited by the Taliban.

Up to 56 of the primary school girls were poisoned last Saturday, in addition to 3 teachers, a teacher, two janitors and a parent at a school in the northern province of Sar-e-Pul, the provincial information director, Mufti, told EFE. Ameer.

In that same region, another 26 students and four teachers they were also poisoned the next day, Ameer added.

According to the source, “all of the students who were taken to the hospital had nausea and respiratory problems due to unknown persons sprayed poison in the classrooms.”.

However, his state of health “is good,” he added, while the authorities reported that they have already begun investigations to arrest those responsible.

This aggression takes place at a time when female secondary and university education is banned in Afghanistan, as part of the string of bans against women imposed by the Taliban since they came to power in August 2021.

The plethora of restrictions include mandatory face coverings, gender segregation and requiring a male family member to accompany you to travel.

A series of decisions to which was added last December the veto on women working in non-governmental organizations, which was harshly condemned by the international community, fearful that the humanitarian crisis that Afghanistan is experiencing will worsen.

This regression of the rights of Afghan women is increasingly reminiscent of the position taken by the Taliban during its previous regime between 1996 and 2001, when based on a rigid interpretation of Islam and its strict social code known as Pashtunwali, they prohibited female attendance at schools and confined women in the home.

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