At least 53 killed in Myanmar army airstrikes

The country’s army has carried out airstrikes in the city of Pajigi in Myanmar. At least 53 people, including civilians, were killed in Tuesday’s attack. Many others were injured.

Al-Jazeera reported the news, citing residents of Sagaing, about 110 kilometers west of Myanmar’s capital Yangon, and citing local media. It is believed to be the worst situation since the army took control of the country.

The city where the attack took place is known to be a stronghold of opposition to the coup that took place two years ago. An Al-Jazeera reporter said the airstrikes occurred as residents gathered for the inauguration of an administrative office.

A rescuer at the scene said that the attack was carried out from a jet plane at 7:35 in the morning. At that time several Mi-35 helicopters were with the jet aircraft.

The death toll is expected to increase. He mentioned that the killing was horrible. The victims were civilians and the location was far from a legitimate military target.

There was no immediate comment from Myanmar’s military authorities on the incident.

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