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At least 27 dead and 146 injured by heavy rains in Pakistan


“More than 27 people were killed and 146 injured in (districts of) Lakki Marwat, Karak and Bannu due to strong winds and heavy rains,” the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) said in a statement.

The victims occurred due to the collapse of houses and walls in the province, where trees collapsed and the fall of high-voltage towers left many areas without electricity.

The PDMA added that around 69 houses were totally or partially damaged, while “measures are being taken to guarantee the supply of relief materials to the victims.”

The authorities continue to assess the extent of the damage, so the number of victims could increase in the coming hours.
These heavy rains come at a time when the southern coast of Pakistan is on alert for the arrival of the cyclone.

A hospital in Pakistan
People in a hospital in Bannu, Pakistan, due to heavy rain. BLAZETRENDS/EPA/Noman Khan

“Extremely severe” category of Cyclone Biparjoy

Biparjoy, of the “extremely severe” category, and which is expected to make landfall on the 15th between the city of Karachi, in the province of Sindh, and the western coast of India.

However, its effects will begin to be felt from the afternoon/evening of the 13th with the arrival of winds of between 60 and 80 kilometers per hour, heavy rains and electrical storms, according to the Pakistan Meteorological Department in its latest bulletin.

Between June and October of last year, Pakistan suffered the worst floods since 2010, which caused the death of 1,700 people and one million head of cattle, displaced eight million and affected a total of 33 million inhabitants, a seventh of the population. the fifth most populous country in the world.

Some damage that, according to international organizations, requires the donation of some 16,300 million dollars in the next three years to help rebuild this Asian country, which is currently going through a severe economic crisis.

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