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At Amsterdam Airport, people stopped the planes from taking off

Amsterdam: Environmental activists staged a sit-in in front of the planes in protest at the Amsterdam airport and stopped them from taking off.

According to details, environmental pollution workers in Amsterdam staged a unique protest, preventing private jets from flying inside the airport against environmental pollution.

Hundreds of environmental activists wearing white overalls stormed the area of ​​private jets at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport on Saturday, with protesters sitting in front of the planes’ wheels and preventing them from taking off for hours.

According to the national broadcaster, the military police moved in to control the situation, police were seen arresting more than 100 protesters and taking them to buses.

According to Reuters, the protest was held in connection with the COP27 climate talks in Egypt, which was organized by Greenpeace and which included demonstrations inside and outside airports.

“We want fewer flights, more trains and a ban on unnecessary short-haul flights and private jets,” said Greenpeace Netherlands campaign leader Davy Zloch.

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