Asus has started putting parts on a mini-itx motherboard for the AM4 platform on the ROG Strix X370-I. The amazing thing about that sign was that the audio setup was on a daughterboard, which also had an m.2 connection underneath. graphics card has received photos of the ROG Strix Z690-I for Intel’s Alder Lake-S processors, and for that model, Asus has caused quite a stir with the secondary PCBs as well.

For this mini-itx board, the two daughter boards have been re-inserted in the same place. This time, however, the design is much higher. This appears to be due to the presence of two m.2 connectors, although what exactly is processed underneath is unclear. Presumably the various audio components and the chipset are underneath as well; after all, it will be the only place where these pieces will fit.

The photos are from an unspecified Chinese forum, according to the tech site. The chart also shows that it has support for pcie 5.0 and ddr5. The LGA 1700 socket is significantly larger, the top view shows how close all the pieces are together. A third daughter board shows that it has at least two SATA ports, and an internal USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10 Gbit / s) connection can also be seen. What the I / O offers on the back is not visible.

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