Asus ROG Ally may arrive sooner than expected

Asus has already unveiled its first portable game console that everyone thought would only hit the market in October.

But after an announcement from the brand itself on the social network Twitter confirming the availability of the new ROG Ally globally, sales of the model could begin much sooner than expected.

Asus announces that the arrival of the ROG Ally portable console could be coming soon

The ROG Ally is launching worldwide (and it may be sooner than you expect⏱) If you’re in North America, sign up for notifications here👇 #ROGALLY #playALLyourgames

— ROG Global (@ASUS_ROG) April 14, 2023

On April 1, Asus introduced its first portable game console, the Rog Ally. But given the date of its presentation, many users thought that it would be an April Fool’s Day joke. On April 3, the brand clarified all doubts, ensuring that the model exists and that it will be launched on the market.

At that time, some rumors claimed that the game console could only go on sale in October of this year. But Asus has now gone public to bring some good news to gaming fans.

On the social network Twitter, the brand announced that the ROG Ally will be launched worldwide and that it could arrive sooner than expected. Asus went further and, in the same post on the social network, leaves a link for North American users to receive notifications with news about the portable model.

Unfortunately, the brand has not advanced any information on the date on which the console will hit the market, but it seems that this could happen before the distant month of October.

The Asus handheld game console can arrive with a price starting at $649

As soon as the first Asus portable game console was announced, some rumors immediately spread about the possible price of this equipment.

According to the information disclosed, the ROG Ally can arrive with a price starting at $649 for the variant with 512 GB of internal storage capacity.

The 1TB variant is expected to cost around $889. Doing the direct currency conversion, we are looking at values ​​of 590 euros and 810 euros, approximately.

High values, it is true, but that can be justified by the specifications with which the new console arrives. ROG Ally apparently arrives equipped with a custom AMD Ryzen processor and running Windows 11.

Plus: It can have the ability to support external GPUs to handle more demanding games, in terms of resources.

Other sources say that the console will also integrate a seven-inch touch screen with Full HD resolution and a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

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