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Aston Villa offers to take over the Williams family from Athletic

The great season that Nico Williams and Iñaki Williams are having again has led to Athletic receiving a major offer to sell both in 2024

The economic power of the Premier League scares every club in the world because they are aware that at any time they could receive an over-the-counter offer that forces them to transfer their best players. That’s what happened now, well The Williams family could leave Athletic together in 2024 to embark on a new adventure.

It is not the first time that the departure of a family member has been considered, as Nico’s name is linked to all the major clubs in the world. However, this is the first time Athletic receives a joint offer for the Williams brothers. An offer that is no longer on the market and makes the club think about leaving.

The Williams family has an offer to leave Athletic
Nico’s extension could also bring Iñaki forward

The offer for Williams that Athletic has on the table

As we knew in the last few hours, Aston Villa want Nico Williams and Iñaki Williams. This interest is not new, as since last season the English team has been following in the footsteps of the youngest of the brothers. In fact, they were willing to pay the €50 million agreed in their termination clause.

However, the Spanish international’s reaction was negative as he did not want to leave the club of his life. At least not if it wasn’t about playing for one of the best teams in the world. But now everything has changed, well Nico Williams’ renewal is not progressing and Athletic are seriously considering accepting the €75 million offer for both players.

Unai Emery and Monchi at the wheel of Aston Villa

Definitely, An offer of 75 million euros for Iñaki Williams and Nico Williams is completely off the market. This is even more true considering that the Spanish international is ending his contract with Athletic in just a few months Big clubs like Real Madrid are following in his footsteps. Therefore, his departure cannot be ruled out. Especially given the great interest shown by Unai Emery and Monchi.

As we know, both are under the command of the England team, one as coach and the other as sporting director. Knowing first-hand the level of both players, they want to do their best to sign them. Now we just have to wait and see how everything turns out, but The Williams family are on the verge of leaving Athleticbecause Nico’s renewal changed everything.

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