Home Sports Aston Martin’s pending issue unsettles Fernando Alonso: tension in Baku

Aston Martin’s pending issue unsettles Fernando Alonso: tension in Baku

Aston Martin boss sets date for Fernando Alonso's 33rd victory

The team is obliged to make changes as soon as possible so that the man from Oviedo continues adding podiums

This weekend, Formula 1 returns. The hiatus due to the disappearance of the Chinese Grand Prix has left three consecutive Sundays without a race between the chaos of Australia and another predictably hectic appointment in Azerbaijan. Baku’s quirky street circuit now awaits Fernando Alonso with Aston Martin.

Thus, Fernando Alonso arrives in a great state of form after signing three third places in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Australiawith tracks very different from each other and all of them have seen a good performance from Aston Martin, especially in the second halves of all the races.

Alonso will have a tough challenge in Baku

Tom McCullough has warned his team what is needed to improve the car

Unlike other urban ones, Baku is not a slow circuit. This maxim is only fulfilled by the second sector, which is a real mousetrap that puts the talent of the pilots to the test. The AMR23 performs very well in the slow corners and this stage will a priori be favorable for Fernando Alonso.

The problem is in the rest of the circuit, especially in the eternal main straight. Its 2.1 kilometers make it the longest. Tom McCullough, director of performance, has warned of this problem: “We have shortcomings on very long straights, it’s no secret. We have seen it and we have to work hard on it“.

From Aston Martin, Fernando Alonso seeks to be closer to Red Bull

In Azerbaijan it is time to suffer. “We in Saudi Arabia knew that the wing we designed would not be as fast in a straight line as we wanted.“, Explain. Despite this, in the rest of the records the car works and at Silverstone they are happy with its aerodynamics. The hope can be in the improvements that will arrive this weekend.

Finally, on Saturday we will find out which of these factors can be extrapolated to a race of just 100 kilometers and if Aston Martin can be closer to Red Bull. Of course, classifying behind Ferrari or Mercedes would already complicate things as there is no reaction time to come back.

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