Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll Update Looms

The spotlight was back on Lance Stroll, the local hero, at the Canadian F1 Grand Prix. Despite Aston Martin’s lack of competitiveness this year, many hoped for a big performance from the Canadian driver. Instead, he finished seventh, behind his teammate Fernando Alonso.

But the question on everyone’s mind was Lance’s future in Formula 1. After all, Fernando Alonso had already renewed his contract months ago, and despite being the son of Aston Martin owner Lawrence Stroll, Lance hadn’t yet signed on the dotted line.

Lance, 25, has no doubts about his desire to stay with the team. “Of course, that’s where my head is. It’s a popular question I’ve been asked a lot lately, and yeah, it’s super exciting to see what’s happening at Silverstone and the project with the team and how we’ve grown over the years,” he said.

A Shield Against Criticism

Lance has faced his fair share of criticism throughout his career, often for his results and his connections to his wealthy and influential father. Even advisors like Helmut Marko have publicly doubted his professionalism. However, his closest allies, like Pedro de la Rosa, have always come to his defense, saying they are happy with him.

Aston Martin team manager Mike Krack knows Lance’s intentions and affirms that everything is going smoothly. “He’s told me the same thing. I think we’re in good communication about this situation. We know Aston Martin is Lance’s home, and I think we’ll have to announce something soon,” Krack said, hinting that there won’t be any issues with Lance staying with the team.

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