Aston Martin’s cheating may take its toll on Fernando Alonso

The Asturian trusts the FIA ​​and does not want to enter to assess the sanctions

This coming Monday Formula 1 has an appointment where it will be known if there are sanctions for the so-called ‘cashgate’, a case in which Red Bull and Aston Martinof having broken the 2021 budget ceiling, by 145 million dollars and that could affect Fernando Alonso.

Drivers like Leclerc or Russell have been the toughest demanding sanctions for having broken the rule. “If we had more to spend, of course, we would go faster on the track. So, if there is any team declared guilty of that, they should be punished”, said the Ferrari driver in the run-up to the GP of Japan.

Aston Martin Alonso
Alonso to the decision of what F1 can do in the so-called ‘Cashgate’

Fernando Alonso’s projects at Aston Martin seem to be affected

Initially, the decision of the FIA ​​​​-International Automobile Federation was going to be taken last Wednesday, October 5, although finally it will be necessary to wait until Monday 10 to know if RedBull and Aston Martin are sanctioned. In case of receiving a penalty, one of the most affected would be Fernando Alonso.

“I have a lot of confidence in Mohammed. I think that, even so, in other issues that we face race after race, such as consistency in the decisions of the stewards, we are improving, but it is seen that they are willing to learn and improve as well. That is very positive, perhaps compared to the past”, said Alonso.

The Spanish rider feels calm and trusts for the moment only in his future

According to comments from within F1, the sanction to which the teams that have exceeded the budget limit are exposed would be an economic fine of 7.5 million euros. If this sanction becomes effective, Alonso would begin his career at Aston Martin having to deal with this first problem.

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However, at Asturian It doesn’t seem to concern him according to what was said in the press conference: “I completely trust what they are doing and what the result will be next week with the cost cap and how the sport is moving towards the future. I have no doubts about anything.”

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