Aston Martin wants to sign Fernando Alonso’s worst nightmare at Alpine

The British manufacturer seeks to hire the manager who caused the departure of the Spanish driver from the French team

Is a new chapter in the rivalry between Fernando Alonso and Otmar Szafnauer yet to be written? It seems so, since Aston Martin, the Formula 1 team, would be considering signing Szafnauer after he left Alpine. Szafnauer’s statements about his departure and the improvements he left behind at Alpine are a topic of interest.

Otmar Szafnauer, after his departure from Alpine, has left open the possibility of joining a new Formula 1 team. Although he did not reveal his destination, sources close to him affirm that Aston Martin is one of the teams interested in having his services. The rivalry between Szafnauer and Fernando Alonso was notorious while they shared space in Alpine. Szafnauer, as a manager, was one of those involved in the decision to separate the Asturian driver from the team.

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Szafnauer’s Future Plans at the British Automaker

Otmar Szafnauer: goodbye Alpine, hello Aston Martin

The rivalry between Szafnauer and Alonso was a frequent theme while both worked together in the French team, and their confrontation played a role in the decision to part ways with the Asturian driver. However, Szafnauer He hinted that if he ran into Alonso again, he wouldn’t avoid talking to him, but he admitted that it didn’t happen often. since they are now on different teams.

Besides, When talking about Aston Martin, Szafnauer was positive, mentioning that it has a good platform and a talented team.. Despite being in the process of building a new factory with modern tools. This prospect excited many in the Formula 1 community, who see Szafnauer as a key figure in the team’s future success.

The Past Rivalry between Otmar Szafnauer and Fernando Alonso

With the possible arrival of Szafnauer to the British manufacturer, The question arises as to how this would affect the relationship between him and Alonso. Both have been protagonists of tensions and rivalries in the past, and a meeting in different teams could reignite those clashes. However, Szafnauer also acknowledged Alonso’s progress as a driver and the improvements to the Alpine car that he helped develop.

The possible addition of Otmar Szafnauer to Aston Martin is a hot topic in the world of Formula 1. His history with Fernando Alonso adds a touch of intrigue to the situation. Fans and experts alike will be keeping an eye on future developments as both teams move forward with their plans for next season. It only remains to wait, if the rivalry between Szafnauer and Alonso will be reborn, time will tell.

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