Aston Martin wants to sign another driver and the boss’s son is untouchable: betrayal of Fernando Alonso

The team is looking for a new driver and unleashes rumors of betrayal of the Spanish driver

In the world of Formula 1, events are the order of the day and this time is no exception. Aston Martin, the British motorsport team, has sparked speculation about the possible betrayal of Fernando Alonso, one of the pillars of the team. All this has led to a series of negotiations and movements in the pilot market.

At the center of this controversy is Lance Stroll, son of team boss Lawrence Stroll. Stroll is considered a competent and reliable pilot, as well as having a relatively low salary. These qualities make him an untouchable candidate at Aston Martin. However, Fernando Alonso’s situation in the team is uncertain, as results are expected to improve significantly in the coming races.

Aston Martin Fernando Alonso
He is negotiating with Ferrari to sign Charles Leclerc, which would be a betrayal for the Spanish driver

Aston Martin seeks a replacement for Fernando Alonso: betrayal at the door?

Faced with this possibility, Lawrence Stroll has begun to explore options to find a replacement for Alonso, and the name that sounds the most is that of Charles Leclerc, a driver currently at Ferrari. Despite having a contract with the Italian team, Leclerc has received criticism for not achieving the expected performance, especially in comparison with his teammate Carlos Sainz.

Lawrence Stroll has seen a golden opportunity in Leclerc and has started talks with Ferrari to seek an agreement that allows the signing of the young Monegasque driver. Although opinions within Ferrari are divided on the future of Leclerc, the theory that the driver will not succeed in the Italian team is gaining more and more strength. This would open the doors to a change of leader and the arrival of a new star driver.

A risky but promising move

If Leclerc joined Aston Martin and Alonso left the team, it is the possible arrival of Fernando Alonso at Ferrari. This move would create a high caliber Spanish duo and the Asturian is expected to bring his vast experience and technical knowledge to bear in finding solutions to the problems plaguing the Italian team.

The idea of ​​having Alonso back at Ferrari is risky, but also exciting for fans of the Italian team.. It is recognized that the Spanish driver is one of the best when it comes to analyzing the state of the cars and finding effective solutions. After so long without achieving the desired results, his return could be the key to catapult Ferrari back to the top of the Formula 1.

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