Aston Martin unveils new skin for Silverstone

Small developments on the Aston Martin are expected for the British Grand Prix. But beyond the mechanical improvements, there is an update that will be seen with the naked eye. And it is that the british team will present a new skin at home. Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll will wear the new agreement reached with Valvoline in the car, which means the incorporation, in the form of a “v”, of the blue and red on the engine cover and on the front wing itself.

It is not only an agreement for this Grand Prix, but also the brand sticks together for the long haul. It should be remembered that Aramco, main sponsor of the British team, acquired Valvoline at the beginning of the year. Through this new agreement, becomes the official partner of lubricants. In addition, both will work for the “development of products and improve the performance and success of the team”, as stated by Aston Martin in its statement.

Valvoline appeared as one of the first sponsors in motorsport and was the creator of the first racing oil. Therefore, it is one of the most innovative brands in the manufacture of motor related products. This agreement comes about because they share “a mutual passion to invent, challenge and win, both on and off the track,” says Aston Martin.

a beneficial deal

Jamal Muashsher, CEO of Valvoline, believes that this is a beneficial arrangement going forward. “This is the beginning of a powerful and dynamic partnership. We are excited to be a part of the team’s journey, and we look forward to shared successes and innovation”, he affirms excitedly after the closure of this alliance.

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For his part, Mike Krack, Aston Martin team manager, goes further and sees this agreement as an opportunity for the development of the team with the entry of Honda as a motorist. “ANDThis partnership with Valvoline Global will also benefit our new power unit partnership with Honda starting in 2026, with tailored lubricants.“, Explain.

McLaren and Williams, also with a new “livery”

The Woking team decided to introduce three color changes during the year. all of it celebrating its 60th anniversary and the victories throughout its history in the Indianapolis 500, the Monaco Grand Prix and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. How could it be otherwise, one of the skin changes will take place at Silverstone, the home race. In this new design, McLaren is committed to returning to the silver tone, combined with that “papaya touch” so characteristic of recent years.

For its part, Williams also presents a new “livery” for commemorate the 800 Grand Prix. This figure will not be reached in Great Britain due to the cancellation of the Imola Grand Prix in May, but the British team has decided to bring the celebration forward to the local race. In this way, “UK fans will be able to be part of the commemoration”, as the team points out in its statement. Design “pays tribute to the team’s British heritage and founder, Sir Frank Williams”, they add.

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