Aston Martin target in 2023

Tom McCullough, the team’s director of performance, spoke of the next objectives

Shortly after I arrived Fernando Alonso a Aston-Martin for the year 2023, his fans are already with a lot of expectation. However, many already know that before the end of the year he will pilot the green car. The great unknown is what both parties can aspire to for the next year.

Thus, Tom McCullough, performance director of the team, has detailed on the Aston Martin website what the objectives are for the coming year: to be leading the middle zone to start and end up reaching the top. Words that surprised not only the Spanish, but his followers.

Fernando Alonso 2023
The man from Oviedo is surprised by the plan of the green team

Fernando Alonso’s position for 2023 was explained by his director

He says so: “We want to lead the middle pack and then move on from there. To do that, we have to be aggressive. We tried to be as aggressive as we could this year, but with the budget limit and the resources available it has been difficult.” And he explains how the budget limit influences the present season.

“The front wing, for example, is practically the same as the one at the beginning of the year. We could have done a lot of things, but we couldn’t afford it within the budget limit, especially after the changes we made in Barcelona.” Now everyone is asking what will happen next year for the drivers.

Dan Fallows and Eric Blandin have been key to the team’s growth

“For 2023, we have to put all our ideas and learnings from this year together to make a significantly better car. Everything is relative, since the other teams will do the same, but we have the absolute certainty that the path we are on now is the correct and safe one”.

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“The team has grown a lot this year. Many talented people have joined the team, including Dan Fallows and Eric Blandin. Both Dan and Eric have integrated into the team and that is evident in the way we have developed the car this year. There has been progress since his arrival, ”he details.

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