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Aston Martin sets conditions to relieve Lance Stroll

The father of Fernando Alonso’s teammate makes a list of everything that must be fulfilled to replace his son on the grid

Aston Martin envisions a promising future in Formula 1 with the hope that Fernando Alonso achieves the team’s first victory under his new identity. Despite winning a race under his old name Racing Point, the Aston Martin team has yet to claim a win since Lawrence Stroll changed the team name ahead of the 2021 Formula 1 season in part due to the his son, Lance Stroll.

With Fernando Alonso behind the wheel of one of his cars this yearthe two-time world champion is enjoying a resurgence late in his career, due to the good results obtained. He has scored five podium finishes in the first seven races and is helping to keep Aston Martin in contention for second place in this year’s Constructors’ Championship.

Aston Martin driver Lance Stroll

The transition to Honda and the challenge of the World Championship

Despite the remarkable progress in the winter, the World Championship is likely to slip away from the Spaniard between now and the arrival of Honda as the team’s new engine partner in 2026. Aston Martin recently confirmed that it will part ways with Mercedes for the first time since 2009 with the arrival of the Japanese manufacturer three years from now.

David Kennedy, former F1 driver and Le Mans LMP2 winner, praised the various qualities the 41-year-old brings to the table the team, calling it a “warrior”. However, Kennedy suggests that Alonso is no longer as quick as he was in previous years, citing a simple biological delay given that Alonso is now the oldest driver on the grid.

Triumph is possible: A future without Lance Stroll?

But Kennedy believes that Alonso is capable of achieving his long-awaited 33rd victory this year, and that doing so will make Aston Martin a very attractive proposition for the future, should they wish to replace Lance Stroll with another driver of World Champion caliber. “This season. They have the car for it,” he said when asked when victory might come. “He knows all the tricks. I think when he gets pole position and wins a race, they’ll have the calling card to walk around the pit lane and get whoever they want to join him.”

Kennedy insists that there is no better driver to consolidate Aston Martin’s position as an increasingly attractive proposition, aware that his combination of race pace and experience will generally maximize the potential of the car he drives. “He’s probably the right guy at the right time for the team, the team owner and his teammate, to be able to bring so much to the table,” he concluded. Thus, Aston Martin’s future in Formula 1 looks brighter with each passing race.

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