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Aston Martin scares with improvements for Fernando Alonso: They are going for Red Bull

Mike Krack, head of the British team, was clear in an interview about what he expects of his pilots

It is no secret to anyone that currently Aston Martin is one of the teams that has stood out the most in Formula 1 and this is mainly due to Fernando alonso and his experience in motorsport. However, his overall performance has been reduced compared to the others.

For this reason, since the improvements in Canada were introduced, the team has not been able to fight for the top positions on the grid again and they are even struggling to get into the points. With this, Aston Martin and Fernando Alonso want to surprise all their fans with some significant changes..

Aston Martin Fernando Alonso
Aston Martin will improve its car and give Alonso more chances in victory 33

This is how the car’s weak and strong points are as described by its boss himself

Even so, the six podiums in the first eleven races show that the British have more than enough capacity to be able to put things back on track and give Fernando a weapon with which to fight again. Mike Krack, Aston Martin team leader, has spoken about all this.

“I think it’s a lot of little things. We have learned a lot in the last few weeks. about what is good and what is not so good. It always takes a while to really identify where your weak points are, and also in comparison to what your car was like before,” says Krack.

Fernando Alonso’s fight with Aston Martin to achieve his victory soon 33

When it comes to trying to identify one after the other, I think we have made good steps in recent a week or two in terms of identifying it. But carrying out the necessary modifications will take time, ”he adds to make the issue totally clear for those who are eagerly seeking the changes.

It should be remembered that Fernando Alonso’s next victory would be 33, which is undoubtedly his great goal for this season.. That is why Alonso and Mike Krack have discovered the car’s faults and hope to return to being the second team on the grid after the break.

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