Aston Martin presents a daring AMR23 for Alonso

The expectations in the Formula 1 they are not going anywhere. Here the bravado in terms of objectives for the season is not carried away by the wind, on the contrary, it returns it with force like a slap in the face. At Aston Martin, the seventh car from last year, the demand is maximum and the ambition is to fight for victories and titles, with Alonso (in 2023 and 2024, at least) or without him. He AMR23 was presented in style this Monday in Silverstone and they point to it as the first stone to build the foundations of a champion team. One meter from the car, chatting with its creators and its star driver, it can be confirmed that they are fully convinced of its capabilities in the medium term. It is not a facade. “There will be no parties here until we win”, Fernando has already said it.

The new single-seater was presented in the afternoon at the huge factory built by the British firm attached to the circuit that invented Formula 1. At the event they talked about the promising future, but through a pose of great circus of a lifetime with familiar faces like martin whitmarsh (CEO of the Aston Martin Technologies group), Pedro Martinez de la Rosa (ambassador and spokesperson to the media). The feeling floated in the atmosphere that these people know what they are doing, that they are much more than those humble Jordan, Force India or Racing Point who achieved podiums or individual victories over this plant with a tiny budget. He intervened extensively Lawrence Stroll, the Canadian billionaire who lit the fuse for this project that shelters his son Lance, in one of the flyers, and the driver with the most grand prizes disputed in the other. “When I like something I become passionate, and when I become passionate, I win,” he wielded.

The technical director who signs the AMR23 is Dan Fallows, one of Adrian Newey’s apprentices (Andrew Green disappears from the organization chart in F1). He was the head of aerodynamics at Red Bull until last year and dominates the ideas he brings: “The team wanted to face these new regulations without compromise. As you can see, we have not sat down to be conservative, the AMR23 is a significant development of the car that we refined in the second half of 2022. We have improved in every critical area, optimizing solutions that we think could offer us the greatest performance. Now we have to focus on an efficient improvement program for the first race and the rest of the season.”

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And how is the car? up close, daring, different, risky. Aston Martin has refined the sidepods and resembles the Red Bull concept, but it takes it further. The curvature is wide and pronounced. There is no ‘bathtub’, which Williams does maintain (let’s see what Ferrari does this Tuesday). The car seems complete, a whole, it has no strange appendages or resembles a poorly solved puzzle. It seems material to establish itself as a reference for the midfield and fight for those occasional podiums that would make the 2023 season so digestible. For the aspirations of alonsoin his first year as a pilot in green, would be a good starting point.

Alonso, the winning spark

Alonso has “vitaminated thanks to his hunger”, in the words of boss Mike Krack, Aston Martin’s prospects in F1. The two-time Spanish champion highlights the “ambition that shines in this team and celebrates that “now everyone can see the magnitude of the determination at the heart of this organization”. “And just as important is the car, the AMR23 is incredibly compressed and highly efficient. I was really surprised when I first tried the car last year (at the Abu Dhabi test) and I think there are a lot of features we can unlock together. I’m looking forward to starting ”, Fernando closes. He summarizes, in part, the double purpose of this presentation: it is taught in a single-seater and a mantra is set: you have to win and the sooner the better.

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