Home Sports Aston Martin hides Fernando Alonso’s big gun in the diffuser

Aston Martin hides Fernando Alonso’s big gun in the diffuser

The British team is preparing a surprise in the fight for the title

One of the structures that can be a talking point in the new F1 season It’s Aston Martin driving the paddock crazy by hiding the new diffuser they’re going to use. And in the videos from the day of filming the new car from Fernando Alonso’s team, it can be seen that they decided to hide the design and functionality. This left many questions, but also expectations.

Let’s remember this One of Alonso’s requests to Aston Martin concerns improvements, which can initially occur in the diffuser. As is well known, in the “Big Circus” it is the little details that count and that is how those responsible at Mike Krack understand it. So they decided to pixelate one of the aspects they were working on.

Aston Martin AMR24
Aston Martin’s new emerald green car may have an upgrade to its diffuser

With the new diffuser, Aston Martin is raising expectations that were hidden from the competition

In this way it was established that this can be one of the great weapons that the Oviedo rider can count on this season. A lot of hopes are placed on the development of this car as it is an ambitious project in the fight for the title. And the AMR24 looks solid in every way, but they were careful with the presentation.

In this set of ideas there is still no clear argument supporting the desire to hide this development. However, one of the increasingly strong hypotheses is that it would be a new plate in the diffuser.. The Aston Martin engineers have been working on this.

It is a development that is underway and that could be crucial for the season, which is already raising some questions and many expectations.

It was tested at the final track of last season but could never be installed in Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll’s car. TOAt the same time, it seems to be the key part that will allow them to compete in Formula 1 which will be pretty close together again, except for Red Bull, which will obviously be superior again.

We’ll then have to wait and see what might happen with the new diffuser that would be in the works at Aston Martin. It will be an element that can play a decisive role. Aside from that, they could also obscure part of the suspension area. The, It had to be replaced due to problems between the pull rod and push rod.

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