Aston Martin has a plan with Fernando Alonso after the suspension of the Imola GP: top secret

After the cancellation of the race on Italian soil, the couple from the British team does not stop working, and they will take advantage of that time to continue getting to know and learn from each other, especially the Canadian.

Finally, the FIA ​​and the entities in charge of guaranteeing security in the Italian GP have canceled the race, which means more time for the Aston Martin and Fernando Alonso. As he asturian pilot Like his partner Lance Stroll, they will take advantage of the Formula 1 break to continue polishing details of the competition, and of their single-seaters.

It is the Canadian who has to continue learning from Fernando Alonso, as he recognizes that he is lucky to have a two-time world champion. In addition, this season has shown that the bad run of 2022 was related to the performance of the Alpine. Now with the Aston Martin, his chances of continuing to score podiums are getting bigger.

Aston Martin Fernando Alonso
Lance Stroll confesses that he is proud to have a two-time world champion as a partner.

Lance Stroll couldn’t feel more comfortable in the Aston Martin alongside Fernando Alonso

The 24-year-old driver expressed that it is a real pride to work alongside a Formula 1 colossus, which continues to fight at 41 years of age. The experience of the Nano is so great that it is currently paying off, adding 4 out of 5 possible podiums. It is the perfect opportunity for Lance Stroll to continue training as a true F1 professional.

“I enjoy working with him. Alonso is incredibly talented. He naturally has a lot of experience and is hungry to get the most out of himself every day. I have a lot of respect for him. It’s something he’s been doing for a long time.” recognized the Canadian runner.

The Aston Martin was going to test the improvements of the AMR23 in the Italian GP with Fernando Alonso as the main driver

This weekend we were going to see the work that the Aston Martin engineering team had done on the AMR23. But unfortunately the inclement weather and other weather factors made it impossible to see the British car in action. Even so, Lance Stroll thinks that for the next GP to be held in Monaco, he and Fernando Alonso are going to break it.

“I think we have a great relationship. And I feel like we’re both trying to get more out of the car every weekend. As a team we are trying to come up with better ideas to improve the setup of the car, to make the AMR23 even better. I think that this work dynamic is very good and it is paying off for us” stated the North American pilot.

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