Aston Martin gives the finishing touch to Carlos Sainz in Ferrari: he is out

The penalty for exceeding the track limits has affected several drivers, but the FIA’s decision is controversial.

Aston Martin has dealt a blow to Carlos Sainz by filing an appeal at the conclusion of the Austrian Grand Prix. This appeal has resulted in Sainz’s fall to sixth position, after being added a 10-second penalty for exceeding the track limits. During the final laps of the race, Aston Martin radioed a message to Fernando Alonso asking him to pick up the pace and reduce the gap to the drivers in front of him.

At that time, Alonso did not understand the reason for the request, but the British team was fully aware that the FIA ​​had left several drivers without sanction, despite committing the same infractions. The Red Bull Ring circuit, known for its high speed, presented an additional challenge with the track boundaries located between the curbs and the asphalt. This setup has conditioned and ultimately doomed most of the drivers during the race weekend.

Aston Martin Carlos Sainz
Track limits at turn 10: The critical point of the weekend for the drivers

Aston Martin appeals and relegates Carlos Sainz in Ferrari to sixth position

The result of Aston Martin’s appeal has generated controversy in the world of Formula 1. Many question the consistency of the application of sanctions for exceeding track limits, as the FIA ​​has let several drivers go unpunished for the same offences. This lack of consistency in decision making has left competitors frustrated and sparked controversy among fans.

Carlos Sainz, who had had an outstanding performance during the race, has been negatively affected by Aston Martin appeal. The 10-second penalty has dropped the Spanish driver to sixth position, thus frustrating his performance in the Austrian GP. The controversy surrounding his finishing position has sparked debate in the Formula 1 world, with many questioning whether the penalty was fair or whether the rules on track limits should be reviewed.

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The Austrian GP was marked by the appeal

Definitely, the Austrian GP was marked by the appeal filed by Aston Martin, which triggered a series of penalties and directly affected Carlos Sainz in his fight for positions in the race. The controversy surrounding track limits and the apparent disparity in the application of sanctions has generated a debate about the transparency and consistency of the FIA’s decisions.

As the season progresses, it will be interesting to see how this situation evolves and if changes are made to avoid future controversies in elite motorsport, since in the world of Formula 1, every detail counts. The drama was mainly concentrated in turn 10, the last one before the finish line, where numerous drivers exceeded the established limits. Although it is understandable that sanctions are applied for not respecting track limits, the lack of consistency in their application generates confusion and discontent in the paddock.

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