Aston Martin CEO Briatore’s Stunning Departure: What Does it Mean for the Brand’s Future?

Flavio Briatore, the executive advisor of Alpine, has returned to Formula 1 after a 15-year absence. He has been making waves in the paddock, criticizing Aston Martin’s performance and expressing his team’s ambitions to win races in 2026.

Aston Martin’s Mistakes

Briatore believes that Aston Martin’s poor results are due to errors on the part of the Silverstone team. “Aston Martin has made a lot of mistakes despite Lawrence’s investments. We, as Alpine, score points almost every Sunday only because Aston Martin is not in the position it should be,” he confessed.

Ferrari’s Development

Regarding Ferrari, Briatore said that they have become the fourth team on the grid and commented on the change of drivers they will have next year. “Ferrari has started very strongly, but the others have had a much more incisive development. The drivers always count, but they do so when they have a car they can drive,” he assured.

McLaren’s Lack of Aggressiveness

Briatore also pointed out McLaren’s lack of aggressiveness on the track at key moments. “This year they have wasted two races due to lack of experience, for me they are at the level of Red Bull,” he added about the team formed by Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri.

Carlos Sainz Target

The French team knows that Ocon will not continue with them next year, and when it comes to finding a new driver, Flavio is also intervening. One of Alpine’s market targets is Carlos Sainz, and since the Italian arrived, they have become a serious option to secure the services of the Madrid native. “It’s incredible that he’s still free, we’re all willing to have him in the team and we’ll do everything possible,” said the Italian.

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