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Aston Martin and Fernando Alonso ready for historic surprise for Red Bull

After the toughest race of the season, the Spanish driver and British manufacturer are preparing to challenge their biggest rival at the Singapore Grand Prix.

In the world of Formula 1, emotions are at their limit, says the Spanish driver Fernando Alonso and his team Aston Martin are preparing for a historic victory over Red Bull. However, the British manufacturer was aware that it was at a disadvantage when fighting Red Bull at circuits like the Italian one. The British team knew that it wouldn’t be easy to excel at a twisty and challenging track like Monza. However, one date was noted in the calendar: September 17 in Singapore.

Singapore is a circuit that gives Aston Martin and the Spanish driver hope. The British team’s sensations for Marina Bay exceed all expectations. Even in the simulator they are ahead of Max Verstappen’s almost unbeatable Red Bull. Let’s also remember that the Dutchman has dominated the standings, giving up first place only twice in favor of his teammate Checo Pérez.

Fernando Alonso Red Bull
Prepare for a crucial race in Singapore and try to overtake your big rival

Aston Martin and Fernando Alonso: The big bet to beat Red Bull in Singapore

On the other hand, Marina Bay is a complicated urban layout full of walls and intricate curves. However, replacing curves 16, 17, 18 and 19 with a straight line introduces some uncertainty. Nonetheless, the British team is confident in the great performance the AMR23 can offer on this type of circuit..

Equally impressive is Fernando Alonso’s record in Singapore. In 2008, he won in a Renault that wasn’t considered the strongest. Two seasons later, with Ferrari and a car similar to the AMR23, Alonso was again on the first step of the podium and also achieved his only Grand Chelem, which includes pole position, fastest lap and all-lap lead.

Great expectations in Singapore

Definitely, The Singapore Grand Prix promises to be an exciting race with Aston Martin and Fernando Alonso taking part They will be looking for the historic Sorpasso for Red Bull. Despite previous difficulties and disadvantages. Hopes are high, bolstered by the Spanish rider’s track record at the city circuit.

Formula 1 never fails to surprise and September 17 could mark a memorable chapter in the Nano’s career. and your team. Despite the initial difficulties, hopes are at an all-time high, making it clear that the Formula 1 season is reaching its peak. And the battle for supremacy on the track is getting more intense than ever.

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