Assange’s wife:

The lawyer, activist and wife of the founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange, Stella-Moris Assange, recalled today the “urgent” situation of her husband and maintained that his extradition to the United States could take place in “a matter of weeks”.

A London Court rejected the journalist’s appeal in mid-June against the deportation order issued by the British Government.

“We are waiting for the day of the hearing to be announced and we do not know if Julian could be extradited that same day (…) because unprecedented things happen when it comes to his case,” Assange’s wife told EFE in Geneva. .

The lawyer, who has Spanish nationality and whose birth name is Sara Gonzalez Devant, already visited the Genevan city in 2021 for the inauguration of a statue in tribute to her husband.

The activist and her children were recently received in audience by Pope Francis and, although he kept reservations about the content of the conversation, assured that the Pontiff is “very informed” about the case and that he showed “a lot of attention and concern” for the situation of Assange.

Since the Ecuadorian embassy in London withdrew his asylum in 2019, the founder of WikiLeaks has been detained in the high-security Berlmarsh prison (United Kingdom) and He faces a sentence of 175 years in prison. with more than 18 criminal charges for crimes against the US Espionage Act.

Regarding her husband’s state of health, Moris-Assange assured that he suffers significant “physical deterioration” due to isolation and limited contact with his family and lawyers.

It’s an extremely difficult situation. He is in a cell 22 hours a day and sees his children once or twice a week,” denounced the lawyer, who said she has not told the latter about Assange’s possible extradition.

“I can’t imagine a future where Julian isn’t free”admitted Assange’s wife surrounded by supporters of his cause at the end of a press conference.

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