ASPRIMA President Unveils LandCam and Trinity Projects in Lisbon

Carolina Roca, president of the Association of Real Estate Developers of Madrid (ASPRIMA)presented the LandCam and Trinity projects at the V Real Estate Promotion Conference in Portugal, organized by the Iberinmo Group. The event featured the participation of José María García Gómez, Housing Minister of the Community of Madrid, who introduced the Vive Plan, a project considered by attendees as a possible model to follow in Lisbon and Porto.

Carolina Roca showcased the LandCam and Trinity projects, focusing on the first initiative. According to LandCam, a tool promoted by Atlas Real Estate and ASPRIMA, the developments in the pipeline in the Community of Madrid will provide land for 260,000 homes to support a population of 770,000 people.

The Trinity project aimed to persuade investors of the CAM’s appeal as a location for housing production. A report revealed that approximately €10 billion will be needed to develop the urban areas that address the housing issue in the CAM by 2027.

The presentations were well-received by conference attendees, who saw the projects as models to be implemented in Portugal. Both Spain and Portugal face challenges in the housing sector due to the scarcity of land, which can be attributed to inflexible legislation. To address this issue, both governments need to demonstrate political will to establish public-private partnerships that foster development without hindering it, while also liberalizing the land market.

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