Asia’s richest woman deprived of half the wealth, what happened?

Asia's richest woman deprived of half the wealth, what happened?

Beijing: Asia’s richest woman Yong Huayan has lost half of her wealth in a year.

According to the report of Bloomberg Billionaires Index, due to the ongoing crisis in Chinese real estate, Asia’s richest woman has also suffered a huge financial loss and her wealth has decreased by 52% in the last one year.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Yang Huian, the owner of the largest number of shares in the Chinese property company Country Garden, has a net worth of $11.3 billion, which was $23.7 billion a year ago.

Yang Huian suffered a major blow yesterday when his company announced it would sell new shares to raise cash, with shares in Country Garden falling 15 per cent on the announcement.

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Yong Huian heads her father’s company, Country Garden, and her father’s assets were transferred to Yong Huian in 2005, just two years after Yang Huian became Asia’s richest woman. .

He is now just $1 million more than chemical fiber tycoon Fan Hongwei, whose assets are worth $11.2 billion.