Asian Cup 2023: The name of the hosts Pakistan is missing from the team’s shirt! What did the angry PCB say? Learn

A new controversy erupts at the Asian Cup tournament. In fact, the name of the host country, Pakistan, does not appear on the shirts of the teams participating in the Asian Cup. Because of this, the controversy is increasing. The teams of Pakistan and Nepal faced each other in the first game of this tournament. During this time, it was noticed that the Nepal team’s jersey does not have Pakistan’s name on it. Aside from Nepal, it was noticed in the Group B game that Pakistan’s name was missing from the shirts of the Bangladesh and Sri Lankan players.

In fact, the Pakistan Cricket Board argues that the name of Pakistan should be on the shirts of all teams due to their role as hosts, but that is not the case. So far, four teams have featured the Asian Cup logo on their shirts, but not the Pakistan name. At the same time, this issue has now been raised by former Pakistani cricketer Rashid Latif. Alongside Rashid Latif, former Pakistani wicket-keeper-batsman Mohsin Khan has also taken a dig at the Pakistan Cricket Board. Both former Pakistani players said that in addition to the Pakistan Cricket Board, the Asian Cricket Council is also responsible.

Former Pakistan wicket-keeper-batsman Mohsin Khan said the Asian Cricket Council should explain why Pakistan’s name is not on the teams’ shirts… He said since Pakistan is the host country of the Asian Cup, so are they all teams Pakistan is written on their jerseys. Must have a name. Significantly, the Asian Cup is organized in Sri Lanka as well as in Pakistan. Although the Asian Cup was only to be held in Pakistan, following the Indian team’s decision not to travel to Pakistan, Sri Lanka became the host alongside Pakistan.

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