Asian Cup 2023: Pakistani Cricketer Controversial Statement, Said: India Team Fears Defeat…

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India vs Pakistan, Asian Cup 2023

Asian Cup 2023: The controversy over the India team not traveling to Pakistan for the 2023 Asian Cup does not stop. Where the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) is still unable to decide on the venue for the next tournament. On the other hand, the statements of some former Pakistani cricketers are fueling this controversy. In this episode, a former Pakistani batsman has now given a controversial and absurd statement. He has told a unique reason behind the Indian team’s refusal to go to Pakistan as he plays his own tune. They feel that the Indian team does not want to go to Pakistan for fear of losing, not for security.

We tell you that on Thursday, citing some reports, information was revealed that Pakistan will host the Asian Cup. Rather, a neutral venue abroad will be chosen for the Indian matches. However, this information has not been officially provided by ACC, BCCI or PCB. On the Indian side, in October, BCCI Secretary Jay Shah flatly refused to travel to Pakistan citing the Indian government. After this there was a lot of controversy that is still going on. Many Pakistani cricketers made their own absurd statements about this. Now former batsman Imran Nazir has given a strange statement on this. His self-intoxication statement did not stop the headlines who have now made their absurd comment about the 2023 Asia Cup.

‘Team India is afraid of defeat’

This absurd statement by Imran Nazir has come to light on a Pakistani podcast. There is no reason for security, he said. Before this many teams came to Pakistan and will come again. The Australian team also came. So everything is an excuse. The truth is that Team India is afraid of losing in Pakistan. It’s just being political on this. Nazir, who played 8 tests, 79 ODIs and 25 T20 internationals for Pakistan, further said that everyone wants to watch the match between India and Pakistan. The Pakistani team is a very balanced team and losing to the Indian team is not acceptable. This is a game where sometimes you will lose and sometimes you will win. It is worth mentioning that the last bilateral series between India and Pakistan took place in 2012-13 when Pakistan toured India. Other than this, for the past 10 years, both teams compete only in ICC events or the Asian Cup. The performance of the India team on foreign soil has improved a lot in the past decade.

Imran Nazeer

Image source: TWITTER

Imran Nazeer

This statement by Imran Nazir seems quite absurd. Because Team India has not visited Pakistan since 2006, but has performed brilliantly on foreign soil while visiting many countries. Whether in Australia, England, New Zealand or South Africa, India’s performance has improved in all these countries. At the same time, it would be wrong to say that the Indian team can lose in Pakistan. We told you that after the terrorist attack on 11/26 in Mumbai, this impasse had increased between the two countries. From there, India never invaded Pakistan. Meanwhile, there was also shooting against the Sri Lankan team in Pakistan in which many cricketers were injured. Since then, the teams had refused to tour Pakistan. Recently this sequence has started again after Rameez Raja’s tenure.

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