Asian Cup 2022: ‘To match Virat…’, Babar greets Kohli before the big match!

Babar Azam and Virat Kohli - India TV Hindi News
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Babar Azam and Virat Kohli


  • Babar spoke in support of Kohli before the India-Pakistan match
  • Babar said that it was difficult to compete with Kohli
  • India-Pakistan match on August 28 in the Asian Cup

Asian Cup 2022: India and Pakistan will meet in the biggest match of the 2022 Asia Cup in just a few hours. Both teams will do their best to get off to a good start in the tournament. Although India’s figures in T20 Internationals are quite good, but in the last match of this format in 2021, they had to face defeat from Pakistan. The Indian team got this loss on the same ground where they have to face Pakistan in the next match. That is to say, the game between India and Pakistan on this field of the Dubai International Stadium on Sunday will be high voltage. Before such an intense match, there is no room for soft emotions in the players, but Pakistan’s captain Babar Azam couldn’t contain his emotions when Virat Kohli was mentioned a day before the match.

Babar said in support of Kohli before the big game in the Asian Cup

Babar said batting legend Virat Kohli may have been going through a rough patch for a long time but it is very difficult to compete with a cricketer like him and one has to be at the top of his game to match the Indian star. . Babar said: “Nothing in life is easy. There are challenges everywhere. It is up to you how you accomplish things in life and how you overcome the challenges that come your way. Virat remains one of the best batsmen in world cricket.

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Virat Kohli has been fighting with bad form for a long time. He hasn’t scored a century in international cricket since November 2019. In 2022, the pace of off-bat runs slowed further. Babar tweeted in support of Kohli on July 17 of this year. He too came out to support Kohli on this crucial occasion in the Asian Cup.

Cricketer cannot just succeed in life: Babar

The Pakistan captain once again backed Kohli, saying: “If you ask me, every cricketer has to face ups and downs in his career. It’s not that there is only success and not failure. You really need a strong mindset to handle the things in life.

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