Asia is the region where ecommerce is growing the fastest. Keys to sell in Lazada

 Asia is the region where ecommerce is growing the fastest.  Keys to sell in Lazada

The ecommerce in Asia grows at the fastest rate in the world, 51%, far compared to the US (35%) or Europe (42%). In fact, in the last 6 years, Asia has multiplied its ecommerce by 4, with Indonesia in the lead as the country that has undergone the most digitization during the pandemic. Ecommerce in South Asia reached 48,000 million dollars in 2020, which is projected at up to 120,000 or even 150,000 million – depending on the source – in 2025. A whole ocean to explore.

This being such a promising scenario, How can we sell online in countries like Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines or Vietnam? In the following video we show you the keys to the two main platforms in these markets: Shopee (SEA group) and Lazada (Alibaba group).

We deal with the operational management of these platforms from various operational aspects: business license, logistics, marketing, payments, etc., comparing it with marketplaces such as Amazon, Tmall and JD to quickly understand their way of operating, differences, advantages and disadvantages. The good news is that if you are already selling in markets like China, making the jump to South Asia can be relatively easy to approach from a cross-border perspective. Or even address it with the support of an agency that has a subsidiary there, as is the case with Innova Digital Export. Much to do in a region where ecommerce is growing at an unstoppable rate.

For more information on how to sell on Lazada and Shopee, from Innova Digital Export ( we remain at your disposal to study your case without any kind of commitment.


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