Asia is still out of the Omicron chaos, but for how long? Know what the numbers say

Much of Asia has managed to keep out Omicron, the new variant of the corona virus infection.


  • In Asia, which has the world’s largest population, Omicron cases could see an increase.
  • Dr. Shigeru Omi said, “Once the pace picks up, the cases will start to increase very quickly.”
  • There have been 700 cases in Thailand, more than 500 in South Korea, and more than 300 in Japan.

Taipei: Much of Asia has been able to ward off the new variant of the corona virus infection, Omicron, while its outbreak is increasing in other parts of the world. However, it is believed that in Asia, where the world’s largest population is found, their cases may increase. Strict isolation rules for foreigners and mandatory mass masking have helped slow the spread of the highly contagious form of the coronavirus.

Many countries reimposed restrictions on segregation.

Japan, South Korea and Thailand have reimposed entry and quarantine restrictions in recent weeks, while they have been eased in the past. But cases are increasing, and experts say the next few months will be crucial. Dr. Shigeru Omi, one of the top medical advisers to the Japanese government, said: “Once the pace picks up, the cases will start to increase very quickly.”

Omicron is also starting to scare in India
With more than 700 cases in India returning to normal after the devastating COVID-19 outbreak earlier this year, Omicron is creating fear once again. Australia is already dealing with several COVID-19 cases and a state leader said on Wednesday that ‘Omicron is moving very fast’. Additionally, there have been 700 cases in Thailand, more than 500 in South Korea, and more than 300 in Japan.

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8 cases of Omicron emerge in China
China, which has implemented some of the strictest virus controls in the world, has also reported at least 8 cases. Only 4 cases have been reported in the Philippines, where people flocked to shopping malls before Christmas and for congregational prayers in Asia’s largest Roman Catholic nation. Experts say that some hospitals have also started to dismantle the Kovid-19 wards, but this may be a premature step.

Japan took some tough steps too
Japan was helped to contain the spread of the new variants, including re-imposing entry restrictions, mandatory COVID-19 screening for all arrivals, and segregation of all passengers on a flight if they tested positive for the Omicron variant. Steps like isolation are involved. But that containment weakened last week when the first locally transmitted cases were confirmed in the neighboring cities of Osaka and Kyoto.

A booster dose of the vaccine is being administered in Taiwan
Taiwan, where the use of masks is mandatory in major cities, has begun providing additional doses of the modern vaccine. Early research shows that additional doses of the Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Moderna vaccines are effective despite reduced protection against Omicron.


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