Asia Cup 2023: Find out who is Aniket Chowdhary making Team India batsmen look like Shaheen Afridi…

India and Pakistan will face off in the Asian Cup on September 2nd. Both teams will compete against each other on the Kandy field. However, the fast bowlers of the Pakistani team are considered a big challenge for the Indian batsmen. Especially Shaheen Afridi. But the Indian batsmen have given themselves a break from Shaheen Afridi. In fact, Indian captain Rohit Sharma and the rest of the team’s batsmen practice hard against Aniket Chowdhary in the net session, but who is Aniket Chowdhary? How much do you know about this bowler?

Speaking of Aniket Chowdhary, he has represented teams like Royal Challengers Bangalore and Punjab Kings in the IPL. Now it’s this player’s responsibility to set up Indian batsmen like Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul against Shaheen Afridi. Aniket Chowdhary is a fast left arm bowler. Aniket Chowdhary is known for its inswing bowling. At the same time, Shaheen Afridi presents a challenge for the batsmen with his inswing bowling. In this case, Aniket Chaudhary is a better option for Indian batsmen.

It is believed that Rohit Sharma and the rest of India’s batsmen will be able to see their shortcomings after batting Aniket Chaudhary. You can then work on these deficiencies. So that Shaheen Afridi doesn’t become a threat in the match against Pakistan. Aniket Chaudhary has a great inswing, plus the bowler has experience playing IPL, which can prove very beneficial for Indian batsmen.

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