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Asia Cup 2022: Pakistan in danger of being left out of the Asia Cup! know why


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  • India team beat Pakistan by 5 wickets and ignited Babar’s hopes
  • The next match of the Pakistan cricket team will now be played in Sharjah on September 2.
  • Team India’s arrival at Super 4 is almost certain, it will compete with Hong Kong on August 31

Asia Cup 2022 Update News: In the first match of the Asian Cup 2022, the Pakistan team lost and also the India team. India defeated Pakistan cricket team by five wickets in the match played on 28th August. The Pakistani team’s batting was very poor in the first game. Against India, batting first, the team scored just 147 runs. The Indian team chased this goal two balls earlier with the loss of five wickets and won the match. Only after this loss is the Indian team in danger of being eliminated from the first round of the 2022 Asian Cup.

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Naseem Shah and the Pakistan Cricket Team

The game ends if the Pakistan team loses to Hong Kong

A total of six teams participate in the 2022 Asian Cup. All teams are divided into groups of three. India, Pakistan, and Hong Kong are in one group, while Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh are in the other group. Each team has to play a match against the other team in their group. After this, the two best teams from each group will enter the Super 4, that is, the two-team Asian Cup will end here. To earn a place in the top 4, it is necessary for any team to win at least one of their games and even if they lose the second game, they should not lose by much margin. The way Team India beat Pakistan it is almost certain to make it to the Super 4, but the problems for Pakistan may increase further. Pakistan will now have to win their next match to reach the Super 4, which will be played against Hong Kong. But you can’t underestimate the Hong Kong team either. The team qualified for the Asian Cup after defeating teams from Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. A qualifying round was played between four teams, in which Hong Kong beat all the teams.

Image source: PTI
Team India and Pakistan

The Hong Kong team plays the Asian Cup for the fourth time

It is not that the Hong Kong team is playing in the Asian Cup for the first time. They also played the Asian Cup in the years 2004, 2008 and 2018, but the team is playing the Asian Cup for the first time in the T20 format. The special thing is that the number of players of Indian and Pakistani origin in the Hong Kong cricket team is very high. So they are also playing good cricket. In such a situation, it is important for the Pakistani team to be careful with Hong Kong. Anyway, T20 cricket is a game of only 120 balls, in which if a player performs well in a couple of overs, the opposing team can be beaten. If the Pakistan team loses this match then they will have to go out of the Asian Cup without winning any match.

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