Ashwin became the biggest wicket-taker in India’s win, left veteran behind

Indian cricket has achieved not one but many achievements in recent years. As of today, the Indian men’s cricket team is one of the best teams in the world. Many great cricketers have contributed in this successful journey of Indian cricket.

In all the matches India have won so far, who has scored the most runs, who has taken the most wickets? Such questions must have come to your mind. The batsman who scored the most runs in India’s victory and the bowler who took the most wickets are the greatest heroes of Indian cricket. Come let us tell you in this article who are the top 2 batsmen and bowlers who scored the most runs and took the most wickets in India victory.

Speaking of batting first, the name of the great former Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar is included at the top of this list. Sachin has scored several thousand runs in his career, but of those, Sachin’s 17,113 runs have come in victory for India. Virat Kohli is in the second number on this list. 16,352 runs scored by Virat Kohli have so far come in India’s win.

Now let’s talk about the bowlers. Today, Ravichandran Ashwin has left former Indian bowler Anil Kumble behind in terms of taking the most wickets in India’s victory. Ashwin has so far taken 489 wickets in his career victory for India. Today, after taking 5 wickets during Australia’s second innings in the Nagpur test match, Ashwin has made this record on his behalf. Cricket great Anil Kumble is present behind him on this list at number 2. He had taken hundreds of wickets in his career but 486 of those wickets were such that helped India win the match.

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