Ashes: Sir Don Bradman has 19 centuries to his name, these players have marked more than 10 centuries

The Ashes series has been played between England and Australia for 140 years. The greatest number of centuries in these Ashes matches is in the name of the greatest cricketer, Sir Don Bradman. Bradman scored 19 centuries in the ashes. Along with Bradman, 3 other players also scored more than 10 centuries. These include Steve Smith, who is included in the current Australian squad.

  1. This legendary cricketer played 37 games in the Ashes series between 1928 and 1948. Bradman scored 5028 runs in these games with an average of 89.78. He is also the leading scorer for runs in the ashes. Bradman is 19 centuries in the ashes. In terms of races and centuries in the ashes, there are no players far and wide around him.
  2. This player from England marked a total of 15 centuries in his career. Of these, 12 centuries are in Ash parties. Hobbs has scored 3,636 runs in 41 games against Australia with an average of 54. Between 1908 and 1930, he was the greatest threat to Australia in the Ashes.
  3. This player from Australia is the greatest Ashes player in the current era. Smith scored 11 centuries in 29 Ashes games. During this, he has scored more than 2,900 runs with an average of 65 runs. In the Ashes series currently playing in Australia, he can surpass English hitter Jack Hobbs in terms of centuries of Ashes.
  4. This former Australia captain is 10 centuries old in 45 Ashes games. Waugh has scored 3,173 runs against England with an average of 59 runs.


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