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The future of Marco Asensio (27 years old) is getting closer to the renewala scenario that seemed far away last summer when the Spaniard decided Hire Jorge Mendes as a representativewith which the president has little feeling since Cristiano’s departure to Juventus in 2018. But Asensio has spoken in the field and his performance, clearly from less to more this season, confirms that both for ancelotti As for the fans, he is a more than usable footballer in the future sports project of the team.

In recent weeks there have been movements between both parties and they have agreed on the essential point: Asensio puts his continuity in Madrid before the offers that are coming to him and the club itself assumes that, at 27, he is a player with differential talent that makes him an endorsement that recommends his continuity in the squad. let go of a big one Europe it is to imagine that he will end up triumphing in another team, which does not make sense from a strategic point of view. What facilitates this renewal (Asensio is free on June 30) It is that the differences are not economic since Marco prioritizes the sports issue over the financial one.

His ambitions are sporting, not otherwise. If he feels that he is important in the sports bet of Ancelotti’s project for next season, he will sign enthusiastically. He likes the role of recent weeks, in which he has alternated substitutions and titles, but making it clear that he is the player no 12 of the team, a condition that does not resign to Asensio, who aspires to reach ownership. Who does not want the thing, Asensio has already played 42 games this season, with 11 goals (He is only one away from his best mark in Madrid) and 8 assists, his personal record since he signed in white. His 277 games here guarantee him, with 60 goals and 28 assists. The numbers speak for him. It aims to remain here until 2024.

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