Asensio and Vallejo, sentenced by Ancelotti after the Olympic Games

Soccer ended in Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 with Brazil hanging the gold medal for the second consecutive edition. Despite being a tournament where the best players in the world are not present and the level is much lower at the collective level due to the little work that each of the teams have, they serve to draw individual conclusions for the next season and taking advantage of the fact that the Summer transfer market continues its course.

One of the teams that has drawn conclusions was the Real Madrid and they are not the best. Despite the great performance of Takefusa Kubo, which will facilitate his departure on loan to another club, the players of the merengue team left very negative feelings in the face of the campaign that is about to start and would be causing the club’s board to seek solutions in the market .

The two sentenced by the Olympic Games

The name that disappointed the most was Marco Asensio. The Spanish winger, beyond the goal against Japan in the semifinals, was one of the weakest names of the entire Spanish team. He did not make a difference and his performance left both Florentino Pérez and Carlo Ancelotti very cold, who was not very convinced with his continuity either. He is a footballer who never finished exploding, also due to injuries, so he leaves doubts as an option for the attack next season.

The second name, and the one that is generating the most concern at Real Madrid, is that of Jesus Vallejo. Very low performance throughout the tournament and a huge error in the final against Brazil. His performance has generated that Ancelotti and Florentino are thinking of incorporating another center-back for the rotation. The Italian coach does not see it as a level option for the rear. There is no confidence in him and they would be looking for a way out for him.

The Olympic Games They have sentenced two players who had the opportunity, against opponents of a lower level, to show that they have conditions to stay at Real Madrid. Everything seems to indicate that this is not the case.


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