As January 6 approaches, an atmosphere of fear is building in Washington

WASHINGTON: As January 6 approaches, fears are running high in the US capital.

According to the details, the US Capitol Police has expressed fears that the riots will happen again on January 6, when the Congress building was attacked by the supporters of former President Donald Trump.

According to US media, Ackelino Gunnell, a US Capitol Police officer, recalled the riots on January 6 last year and said that a year had passed but he still could not raise his left arm during the attack. Was injured

Aquilino Gonell

“A lot of the rioters didn’t get enough punishment, they just got out of jail before I got well,” Gunnell said.

Retired generals in the United States have expressed fears of a military coup

Gunnell said he was also saddened by the politicians’ disregard for the events of January 6, and hoped that those responsible for the ongoing riots would be severely punished.

“Regardless of what politicians say, I don’t want them to hope for the best,” he said.


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