As civil war in Sudan drags on, 1500 Pakistani families are trapped

Khartoum: The civil war has intensified in Sudan, 15 hundred Pakistani families living in the country are facing shortage of food, medicine and other goods.

According to the details, the power struggle between the armed forces and the paramilitary forces in Sudan has been prolonged. There are currently 1500 Pakistani families living in Sudan, most of whom live in the capital city of Khartoum.

Sources say that due to the civil war in Sudan, there is a shortage of food, medicine and other goods.

According to the sources, the airports of Khartoum and other cities have been closed while it has become difficult to pass through land routes.

The Pakistani diplomatic mission in Khartoum is consulting for the evacuation of the compatriots, the Pakistani diplomatic missions in Egypt and Ethiopia are also in touch with the respective governments, efforts are being made to bring a large number of Pakistanis to neighboring countries by land routes.

Sources say that Pakistani citizens and diplomatic personnel are currently safe, and there is no report of any loss of life or property.

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