‘Aryan doesn’t need to sell drugs, he can buy a boat if he wants’ – a heated argument in court

In the drug case, Munmun Dhamecha and Arbaaz Merchant, including Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan, are in NCB custody until October 7. In court, on behalf of Aryan, the well-known country lawyer, Satish Manshinde, argued in his favor, while, on the other hand, Additional Attorney General Anil C Singh and lawyer Advait Sethna supported the NCB. During the court proceedings yesterday, there was a heated argument between both sides.

In court, the Office of Narcotics Control filed an appeal to increase custody of the three, including Aryan Khan. Let us tell you sequentially that for what reasons NCB’s attorney requested the extension of custody and in response to what arguments Satish Manshinde presented-

At the beginning of the case, ASG Anil C Singh, who was representing NCB, tried to portray Aryan Khan’s case as Riya Chakraborty. He said that Aryan Khan’s involvement can also be seen in this case, in which a protest was filed on behalf of Satish Manshinde. He said that both Aryan and Riya are completely different cases.

After this, Manshinde said again: “It is not established that he had relationships with the people on the ship.”

After this, the ASG asked, at which Manshinde stopped him midway. There was a heated discussion between the two sides on the court.

The court asks NCB why they need custody of Aryan. To this, the ASG replied that in this Manshinde said that

ASG advocated for drug chat and some objectionable stuff from Aryan’s phone, to which Manshinde said serious allegations are being brought against Aryan on behalf of NCB. Courts can also view those chats. Nothing of the kind has happened to them. He said that if Aryan’s case is not bail, then NCB will have to provide concrete evidence. Drugs found with others cannot be considered yours.

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Apart from this, many kinds of arguments were made in court. NCB wanted custody of Aryan Khan on October 11, but he Custody was given until October 7.


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