Artists from Puerto Rico and the DR, sad for the departure of “Flow la Movie”: “Now who am I going to call?”

The departure of the renowned producer Flow la Movie has left many broken hearts, both from the followers of his work and from his colleagues.

Many artists of the genre have expressed through their social networks their dismay at the unexpected death of José Ángel Hernández, as he was really called.

Bryant myers

The urban artist wrote through his Instagram how sad it had been to learn of the tragedy. “How sad the news of broder and his family. God give them strength ”, he posted.

Flow la Movie was two days ago promoting the release of a Bryant and Casper Magico song. The song ‘Karma’ came out yesterday at 6:00 PM.

J Balvin

The Colombian, in a post on the same social network, published a brief but sentimental message where he thanked him for the vibes of his namesake and wished him a good rest.

Don Omar

One of the great legends of reggaeton also joined the messages of condolences. The interpreter of ‘Dile’ expressed in his networks how regrettable the loss of the producer and his family has been, also thanking him for the opportunity he had given him to collaborate. His message concluded with a “fly high, see you later.”


One of the messages that expressed the most pain was from Darell. The artist, who was very close to Flow la Movie, along with videos where he shared moments with the deceased, quoted a long message.

“Now who am I going to call? Who do I tell my things and my ideas to? Who do I put the new songs to? ”Was part of the speech that Darell shared on his Instagram.


More artists

There is a long list of exponents who share their grief at this loss. Within this is Brray, who put on his Instagram that this Christmas "has been bad". In the same publication, he thanked Hernández for helping in his career.

Justin Quiles and Arcángel, in addition to wishing the deceased a rest in peace, expressed towards Nio García and Casper Mágico that they are with them, a lot of strength and blessings. On the other hand, Sech and Lenny Tavárez, still dismayed by what happened, published on their networks a common phrase: “May God have you in his glory.”

Other performers of the urban genre such as Jay Wheeler and Dalex also shared their sadness over the tragic departure of Flow la Movie.


The urban people of the country also joined the cause. Both El Alfa and Rochy RD posted their condolences on their Instagram accounts.

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The interpreter of ‘Curaçao’ published a photo of the producer with the initials RIP (Rest in peace / Rest in peace) while Rochy posted a short sentence “Legends never die. Today a big one left. Peace, God welcome you in his glory ”.

“Today we are here, tomorrow we do not know”

This phrase was the one that various exponents of music used in reaction to this definitely unexpected news.

Noriel was one of those who added this phrase, referring to how “fragile” life is. “I don’t understand how life is so fragile. May that family and strength for those close to it rest in peace. We are definitely here today and tomorrow we don’t know. Fly high bro and keep taking care of yours from above ”.

Another of them was Farruko, who added to the expression “What a tragedy, my God.” The Puerto Rican, in addition, wished an eternal rest for Hernández and his family members.

A similar prayer was the one published in his stories by Rauw Alejandro, who said “We are not from here, we are only visiting.” Raúl Ocasio, wrote in the same post “God have mercy and take us with you the day we touch.”

Other figures

Héctor Colón, manager of Zion and Lennox and Bryant Myers, made a post that expressed the disbelief he felt since he was “a few days ago with us” and expressed how devastated they are with the news.

Raphy Pina, music producer and president of the record label Pina Records, published a story on his Instagram with the phrase “How fragile life is.”

Flow the movie

José Ángel Hernández, artistically known as Flow la Movie, was a producer of Puerto Rican origin. He worked on songs like ‘Te boté’, ‘La Jeepeta’, ‘AM’, ‘La bebé’, among others.

According to a count of digital reproductions carried out annually by platforms such as Spotify and Billboard, Flow la Movie is in the top of the most successful producers of 2021.

On Wednesday at 5:09 in the afternoon, the HI1050 Gulfstream GIVSP aircraft, Flow la Movie and their family took off from the Joaquín Balaguer Airport, in El Higüero, bound for Florida.

After plane problems and having been declared in emergency by the pilot, the decision was made to divert to the Las Américas International Airport (AILA) where at 5:25 a.m. it crashed without leaving any survivors.

In addition to José Ángel Hernández, his wife Debbie Von Jiménez García and his son Jayden Hernández were also on the plane.

Pilot Luis Alberto Eljuri, Víctor Emilio Herrera, flight attendant Verónica Estrella, Kellyan Hernández Pena, Yeilianys Jeishlimar Meléndez Jiménez and Jassiel Yabdiel Silva also lost their lives.


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