Artistic alarm at the Boca Chica tragedy

Figures and singers are also in shock like the Dominican citizens after the murder of the architect Leslie Rosado in Boca Chica, Santo Domingo province.

Singers Rafa Rosario, Kinito Méndez, Wason Brazobán, as well as communicators and producers, including Irving Alberti, used their platforms to raise their voice of alarm about the insecurity that is registered in Dominican streets and highways.

At the Blandino funeral home, and on his social networks, Rafa Rosario said and expressed concern about the wave of violence that engulfed the Dominican Republic: “I have cried a lot, I fear for my family, for my children, for my friends …, I fear for my own country. Are we going to have to find another place to live? No, we are Dominicans, ”said Rafa Rosario. “I confess that I am very concerned about my country. I really don’t know what’s going on. How far are we going to go? ”Asked the Rosario Brothers leader.

Then he added: “It is not possible that for any nonsense it is necessary to take a firearm and shoot at the head. It’s a shame, but I am already afraid, very afraid, for my country, for my children, my brothers, my friends, for myself ”.

Rafa regretted that we are at a point where “we are losing faith. Before we said that this violence and crime was getting out of hand … I think it got out of hand a while ago ”.

Kinito remembers another case
Kinito Méndez when showing solidarity with Leslie’s father, José Rosado, recalled that last week in his hometown, Padre Las Casas (Azua province) a young man was killed by a National Police officer.

“I feel dismayed with our people by the death of Robinson Méndez, a young man from Casce who lives in the United States and who came to visit his family these days and meets death in the municipal park of Padre Las Casas, is It is regrettable that this happens in the hands of the authorities, so we as a people ask for justice, President of the Republic, all the competent authorities so that this is clarified for our peace of mind, ”said Kinito.

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Christian pastor and singer Marcos Yaroide revealed through his Instagram account that he had baptized Leslie Rosado a month ago.

“Leslie from my heart, you said with such joy that you were ready to be baptized a month ago. We baptized you and you said that you were in love with Jesus, to the point that you went to heaven with your baby Elías, as you said it would be called, being in fasting, silicon and prayer with the purpose of saving your whole family “, Yaroide said .

Irving Alberti reaction
The showman Irving Alberti walks in a sea of ​​regrets. “I always thought that to fix my country only a good intention was enough, but I have been completely wrong.”

Apparently, Irving added, there is no way “we can last a happy week full of good news.”

According to him, it is difficult “to celebrate particular achievements because when you are celebrating you realize that we have to cry again.”

In the end he concluded: “We do not have time for restructuring that takes years … You cannot continue wasting time, Mr. President. We need radical changes; the country is collapsed ”.


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