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Artificial intelligence applied to retail media

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When we talk about the awakening of artificial intelligence (AI) in retail media, imagine you are preparing an advertising campaign and bam! A machine already does this for you and offers you several alternatives, taking into account all the experience we have gained.

Jose Luis Ferrero, Marketing Director Spain and Portugal at Publicis Group

That’s how it is Alanour special tool AI for retail marketing. We called him Alan, like Alan Turing, the genius who recognized when a machine was intelligent. And just like him, our Alan can make your e-commerce strategy and implementation much better and more effective. To achieve this, we work as a team: the Alan brand and our advertising and retail experts.

Our dear Alan has taken managing online, physical and retail media stores to a new level. He’s working hard on it Better understand your business, develop strategies and help you execute, both organically and in paid retail media.

Our team always supports Alan on all projects he undertakes. Alan follows in the footsteps of the giant Amazon. Remember three years ago when Amazon magically found that seminar book for you, or the chocolate chip cookies you loved but haven’t found in a long time? All of this and more is thanks to Amazon AI. But it’s not just Amazon that can use it, we make it easy for every brand and retailer to benefit from it Complete solution that combines the capabilities of AI, machine learning and reading on the open internet with the most advanced and secure data processing capacity.

What did we learn?

First, the application of AI in retail goes far beyond mere content generation. We can collect, organize and process a lot of information effectively. This gives us a head start in terms of impressive times.

In addition, we learn from users using natural language processing techniques, as well as from the content of top-selling products and even consumer experiences and recommendations. This enables us Improve a product’s descriptions by choosing the approach and segmentation that suits us best. And we can do it for different stores, e.g Carrefour, Dia, Primor, El Corte Inglés, Maquillalia,… in every language and everywhere in the world.

Finally, we learned that AI always needs to be accompanied by a person. This gives us superpowers: super speed, super intelligence, super languages ​​and much more! But it also means that we need to protect our learning and training from AI so that the competition doesn’t gain the upper hand.

For all this, We present our solution, Alan as a baby: with great potential and evolving every daybut always accompanied by our team of experts!

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