Articulate actions to formalize the transfer of Siuben as an entity attached to the Ministry of Economy

The Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development articulates with the Unique System of Beneficiaries (Siuben) actions to formalize their transfer to the institution in compliance with decree 396-22.

To this end, a coordination meeting was held with the participation of the Administrative and Financial Deputy Minister, Yamel Valera; the director of the Cabinet, Manuel Robles of the Ministry of Economy, and the general director of Siuben, Jefrey Lizardo, as well as directors of both institutions.

The CEO of Siuben, Jeffrey Lizardoexplained that decree 396-22 transfers the institution he directs as an institution attached to the Ministry of Economy that will continue as a decentralized entity and its objectives are very clear and established in decree 426-07, which are to identify, characterize, register and prioritize places in conditions of poverty.

Lizardo stated that with the formation of the Universal Social Registry of Homes and the Single System of Beneficiaries by mandate of the President of the Republic, work will be more coordinated with the Ministry of Economy at the territorial level.

He stated that they are articulating with the different work teams to generate complementarity and greater synergy in the results.

The Director of the Cabinet of the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development, Manuel Robles, highlighted that At the meeting, six work teams were formed to finalize the articulation in the administrative and financial, legal, technical and technological security areas, another for physical and personal security, for the articulation and integration of the regional offices in the territory and for communication.

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Oaks valued presidential decree 396-22 that puts Siuben under the umbrella of the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development which is the governing body of the National Planning and Public Investment System, non-reimbursable International Cooperation and land use planning.

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