Arthur Hayes predicts ‘mega bull market’ for Bitcoin and AI

BitMEX founder Arthur Hayes say that the revolution around artificial intelligence (AI) can ensure that Bitcoin will soon be part of two different hype phases. In his latest essay, the crypto veteran argues that Bitcoin is likely to become the currency of the AI ​​economy.

Furthermore, Hayes predicts that AI will likely benefit the most from the next phase of quantitative easing of central banks.

No choice for central banks

Hayes believes that central banks will have no choice but to turn on the money printers again in the coming period. He bases this on the fact that they have to pay for the gigantic amount of debt that is currently sloshing around the world.

Governments have to pay interest on those debts, which can probably only be incurred through more debt. “This new money has to go somewhere as an investment. I believe it will flow into AI and robotics,” said Hayes.

He expects a “shortage” of capital for the other facets of the economy. If AI then uses Bitcoin to build its economy, two manias could arise at the same time, according to the analyst.

Hayes predicts that people will then want to leave the traditional financial system because of inflation, investing capital in Bitcoin and artificial intelligence.

The Mega Mania

Based on these developments, Hayes predicts a so-called “mega mania.” First, there is the mania that arises because of people wanting to escape the fiat system because of inflation. Those people then probably flee to the next phase of the “human + computer revolution” as Hayes calls it.

If this prediction comes true, Hayes expects the value of the Bitcoin network to explode. The analyst expects this situation to play out over the next three years.

“I expect this new wave of growth investment to peak in 2025 or 2026,” Hayes said of Bitcoin’s next bull market. In that respect, we therefore have to be patient and wait for the moment that central banks have to lower interest rates again (for example because of a recession, which has been in the air for some time).

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