Arthur hayes: Ethereum could crash to $750 and Solana to $3

Arthur Hayes, the co-founder of BitMex thinks the crypto market can expect even more pain in the coming days. Hayes made a prediction earlier today about the potential levels of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Solana.

According to Hayes, money managers affected by the FTX situation will reduce the number of their trading platforms and cause another liquidity crisis in the sector, which will be the main reason for another crypto crash. In addition, he points out that US CPI data will be coming in soon and will push the crypto market even further into the abyss.

CPI can cause extreme pain

If the CPI data expected on November 10 is again unexpectedly high, both traditional financial markets and the crypto market will turn a dark red, making this week one of the worst periods ever for the crypto market.

Hayes says he expects the Bitcoin price to fall to levels between $10 and $15,000. Furthermore, he expects that the Ethereum price could fall to price levels of 750 to 1000 dollars and Solana, according to him, can even expect a price crash towards the 3 dollar. If his price predictions are correct, this would cause extreme pain for crypto investors.

For Solana, it is already a precarious situation today. Within a few hours, 60 million SOL tokens will be released from stake contracts and there is a good chance that these will cause considerable selling pressure. This is likely to be the toughest test in the project’s history.

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