There are often discussions about the love of celebrities in Bollywood and, for the last few months, things have been heard about Arslaan Goni and Sussanne Khan. The two are said to be in a relationship and dating. Despite the fact that this news has been covered by the media, both are hesitant to speak openly on this issue. But now Arslaan Goni spoke about this and in gestures he said what everyone expected.

When Arslaan Goni was asked a question about the status of their relationship in a recent interview, he did not give a precise answer, but he definitely said something that after reading you will get your answer. In response to the question, Arslan said: “I don’t like talking about this at all. But I keep listening this time. Two people are living their happy lives and nothing else. “Actor Arslaan Goni may not have said anything in clear words, but it is still speculated that two people happily enjoy the dating phase together. Well, is there any truth in these things or not? Only Arslaan and Sussanne can say this clearly.

We tell you that Sussanne Khan and Arslaan Goni met through mutual friends. After which they both began to like each other’s company. Therefore, they often attend Friends Get to Gather and like to spend time together. Recently, when Sussanne Khan confirmed that she was infected with the Omicron variant, Arslan commented that she had written: Tama will recover soon.



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