Arsenal wants to take advantage of the historic mistake of the Atlético coach

It is no secret to anyone that there are several players in the mattress squad who are not part of Cholo’s plans, but there is one who had everything to shine and now he will have to leave without leaving any financial gain

On the agenda of coach At Atlético there are several names that should be released in this winter market, and one of those interests the Arsenal. Due to the urgency of freeing up the squad with this high salary, and freeing up a place for another forward that Cholo Simeone likes, they have decided to listen to all kinds of offers.

In this way, the one that the gunner club has sent to the offices of the Athletic It didn’t sound very good in the environment of the coach. It is an offer at the request of Mikel Arteta himself to sign the Portuguese Joao Félix. The proposal is based on a transfer where the English team is in charge of 100% of the token but they do not commit to making a purchase option.

Arsenal is willing to pay in full for Joao Félix’s token, but does not commit to include a purchase option.

Due to the lack of opportunities from the coach to Joao Félix, Atlético will lose a lot of money

The presence of the Portuguese striker in Simeone’s squad causes discomfort both in the player and in the coach. It is clear that Joao Félix must leave yes or yes but in the mattress offices he still does not have an offer that at least covers 60% of what they invested in 2019, (128 million euros).

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Although the winter market is about to open, at Atlético they begin to feel the rigor of not being able to sell the Portuguese well. The clock will begin to be the worst enemy for the finances of the Madrid team and all because of Simeone who did not give him the opportunities and minutes that the 23-year-old attacker needed.

If no more offers for Joao Félix arrive, Atlético will have to give in to Arsenal’s offer

One thing is clear and that is that the Lusitanian striker cannot finish the season in the Madrid squad. Both because of the sporting situation with Simeone and the financial situation (high salary). If they do not get a good offer that at least reaches 70 million euros or more, they will have no choice but to accept Arsenal’s proposal.

This will at least give them 6 months of breathing room while more offers come in and may also be productive for Joao Felix, who may find an opportunity to step up the Gunner roster. Depending on the level of the player, Arsenal may change their mind and want to pay the sum to buy 100% of their sports rights.

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