Home Sports Arsenal drowns on Fulham waterfront

Arsenal drowns on Fulham waterfront

Arsenal drowns on Fulham waterfront

He swam a lot arsenal On the third day of the Premier League, he tried to come back from behind Fulham’s first goal and take the lead in the London derby. And Mikel Arteta’s men made it, although they ended Drowning on the bank with the last 2-2 work by Joao Palhinha.

The 2-2 placated Fabio Vieira, the promoter of Arsenal’s comeback, subject of the penalty of 1:1 and passer of 2:1. The 23-year-old attacking midfielder, who remained unreleased this season until the 56th minute of Matchday 3 in the Premier League, changed the game in the second half when Arsenal couldn’t find their way to a draw with Bernd Leno He barely suffered his goal without needing a great save (he later produced a brilliant performance to make it 2-2) as a mistake by Saka saw him lose 1-0.

The first play of the game, as a result of the center kick, Arsenal got dizzy in their territory, between their butts, from side to side, until they activated the mechanism that marks them out as the “premier” at this start. : the double Thomas function. Ben White advanced, Thomas Seeing the open path, Declan Rice combined with Saka and the phenomenal winger put the ball in play.

His pass back to the spot Thomas had cleared for the transition on his dash to the center occupied – and exploited – it Andreas Pereira: First with a shot that surprised Aaron Ramsdalemisplaced in his runback, like all of Arsenal, with the goal in just 57 seconds of play.

It usually takes a lot more to destroy it. Not even such a quick 0:1 calmed him down. Fulham left rooms for a while. His exhibition was an invitation to the Gunners, who cornered him for a few minutes with a series of unlikely and ineffective chances and shots that he warned were only a matter of time. It wasn’t that much. Because Fulham adapted and because Arsenal weren’t the same as they used to be.

Fabio Vieira got the team going again in the second half. The 1-1, which was caused by his actions inside the penalty area, but above all by Kenny Tete’s disproportionate carelessness, was converted by Saka in the 69th minute; the 2-1, with the controversy and debate of opening the unreported foul and Arsenal’s behavior in that game (it went on as if nothing had happened with a rival on the ground due to a received and unreported fouls), Nketiah made it.

The offensive of Saka’s author of the second goal is undisputed. As he fell, he pulled his marker (Bassey) hard with him, grabbing his right arm and pulling. The defender was injured and lay on the ground. Referee Paul Tierney suggested it was not a penalty for Arsenal, but it did not stop, was the attacker’s foul. The game went on. And it was a goal.

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It’s not enough to win. Because when it all seemed settled, when nobody knew Fulham’s reaction, even with a man down after being sent off in the 83rd minute for a double yellow penalty from Bassey himself, Palhinha finished with his foot, nothing spectacular, very effective, Harrison Reed corner kick from the right corner. Later, Ramsdale prevented Adama Traoré from being 2-3 in 97, and Leno thwarted the ball with a run to make it 3-2 in 99.

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