Arsenal beat River and made history at the Monumental

Arsenal gave the coup: they achieved their first victory in the championship and their first victory in all history on the River field. Sarandí’s team, which fights to maintain the category, He came to the game as a point and after conceding a goal at the start he seemed doomed to the win, but he stood equal to equal and made up for his lack of hierarchy to develop a game, with great cunning to capitalize on the mistakes made by his opponent.

The visitor ended up banking the stop with a victory that left the Monumental packed with ice cream. So far in the championship Demichelis rehearsed with various formations in the background: Herrera, Rojas, Mamanna, Maidana, González Pirez, Enzo Díaz and Casco alternated, and in the same way the coach opted for four or three in the background.

Three played against Arsenal: Rojas, González Pirez and Enzo Díaz, and Casco stopped near Enzo Pérez. But there was no coordination between them and at some point it became very evident. At 18 minutes, for example, Guzmán started in the middle, which was no man’s land, covered 30 meters and shot from the edge of the area without anyone bothering him, demanding Armani.

From the middle to the back, River is not solid; from the middle up has many variants and that is why he made a good play (touch by Díaz, pass by Nacho Fernández, center by Beltrán) that Paradela crowned under the goal, with time to stop the ball and push it.

He also created other chances with shots from Paradela and Beltrán and hooks from Solari, but the coach was dissatisfied with the team’s performance and put De la Cruz, (he hadn’t played for five months) Palavecino and Borja in the same window. And precisely in one of his first interventions, Palavecino gave a bad pass back and Armani had to penalize Paiva. Guzmán threw it and it was 1-1. So far the result could be considered surprising, but it was much more so and it took on the shape of a bump when, after a bad pass from Borja, Guzmán went up the wing and shot the cross that Leal connected and overcame Armani’s resistance.

From then until the end, the local team hammered disorderly and insistently in the search for an equalizer, but could not with the goalkeeper Medina (very good performance), and was left empty-handed. The criticism that had begun to fall in the middle of the week after a narrow victory against Banfield for a Ghost Cup, is going to multiply these days. Meanwhile, Arsenal will enjoy the victory that was not in anyone’s plans, not even their own.

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