Arrested Tornado Cash developer had ties to Russian FSB

A while back, a developer, Alexey Pertsev, of the now infamous crypto mixer Tornado Cash in Amsterdam arrested by the FIOD. He was suspected of laundering large sums of money and it was announced yesterday that he for a while would stay stuck. It now appears that Pertsev worked in the past with the Russian secret service, the FSB.

The FSB is the successor to the perhaps better known KGB. The Russian equivalent of the American CIA.

Tornado Cash becomes ‘public enemy’

Recently, the hunt for Tornado Cash was opened. In the United States, the use of the crypto mixer for Americans was banned. Shortly afterwards, Pertsev was taken into custody in Amsterdam and the curtain fell for Tornado Cash. It seems that governments no longer wanted to accept the existence of Tornado Cash.

Now, reports are also emerging that the detained Tornado Cash developer used to have ties to the FSB. He would even have been employed by the infamous secret service. It was discovered that Pertsev was the CEO of PepperSEC. While working here he is said to have provided significant ‘material and technological’ support to the FSB, which reports Fortune Magazine.

That support would have resulted in, among other things, that the Russian FSB was able to increase its defense against cyber attacks. It is not yet known what exactly that support for the FSB looked like. In any case, it will not help Pertsev in the investigation that was opened against him following his role with Tornado Cash.

Bad news for Tornado Cash

According to Alex Zerden, an American security expert, the revelation of Pertsev’s background partly explains why the authorities have acted so harshly. According to him, it also puts a dent in the trustworthiness of other developers of Tornado Cash and the platform in general.

“This opens up a lot of credibility issues for Tornado Cash developers. This is fairly in-depth information that makes it very clear why the US government and the Dutch authorities have taken certain actions.”

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